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How to use a hand-held vice?

How to use a hand-held vice

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Donkee with DIY guide While there are a few different types of hand-held vice, they are all used in a similar way. Here are a few easy steps explaining how to use your vice.
open hand vice jaws

Step 1 – Open vice jaws

Make sure the jaws of the vice are open wide enough to fit your workpiece.

To open the vice jaws wider simply turn the wing nut in an anti-clockwise direction. In the case of a hollow handle vice, turn the handle anti-clockwise instead.

vice holding a penny

Step 2 – Place workpiece

Slide your workpiece between the jaws and into the optimum position.

wing nut and screw

Step 3 – Close vice jaws

Turn the wing nut (or the handle in the case of a hollow handle vice) clockwise in order to tighten the screw and close the vice jaws.

cutting with a hand vice Your workpiece is now clamped securely and is ready to be worked on.
holding a hand vice

Step 4 – Position vice

The vice can be held in one hand while working on the object with the other hand.

bench vice holding a hand vice Alternatively, a hand-held vice can also be fastened in a bench vice to hold objects in position while leaving both hands free to complete the task.

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