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What are the different types of
metalworking vice?

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Wonkee Donkee guide to different types of metalworking vice There are many different types and designs of metalworking vices, which are made for various tasks. They are listed below:

Engineer’s vices

An engineer's vice is a heavy-duty metalworking vice An engineer’s vice is a heavy-duty tool designed to withstand the impact of sawing, chipping and other tough applications on a workpiece.
Other types of vice within the engineer's category There are other vices which appear under the engineer’s category, including mechanic’s and fitter’s vices. These vices are all similar in appearance; however, they are designed with different clamping abilities as some are for professional use and some for home use.

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Multi-purpose vices

Multi-purpose vices are mounted to a swivel base Multi-purpose vices are mounted on swivel bases, allowing them to be turned 360 degrees to the optimum position. These types of vice also have a built-in anvil on the main body, and integrated pipe jaws located underneath the main jaws. These extra features make them ideal for multiple tasks.
Multi-purpose vices often have pipe jaws and an anvil Along with regular multi-purpose vices, there are also other types available which can have either rotating or reversible jaws.

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Table vices

A table vice is a lighter duty type of vice A table vice is a small and portable vice, that is ideal for hobbyists. It can be quickly clamped to any convenient working surface. Table vices are designed for amateur craftsmen and light to medium-duty tasks.
Some models have a ball joint so that they can be adjusted into various positions Some table vices have a ball joint that allows the head to be rotated around 360 degrees and locked in any position. This allows the user the advantage of setting a workpiece in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal position.
There are different types of table vice There are other vices which appear under the table category, including multi-angle vices, hobby vices and jeweller’s vices.

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