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What is a mini hand vice?

What is a mini hand vice?

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steel mini hand vice A mini hand vice is a miniature version of a hand vice. The jaws of a mini hand vice can only open up to 5mm (0.2″ approx.) compared with a hand vice which can open up to 45mm (2″ approx.). It is called a mini hand vice as it is so small in design.
mini hand vice Its construction differs from a standard hand vice, as the handle is a separate component to the two jaws.

What is it used for?

mini hand vice Due to the smaller opening width of its jaws, a mini hand vice’s capabilities are limited, meaning it can only be used to hold very small and thin workpieces.

Its smaller opening capacity does, however, mean it is the ideal vice to be used for jewellery making and repairs because it is designed for holding small workpieces, such as metal wires, pins or needles, for working with.

using mini hand vice for shaping metal wires A mini hand vice can be used in conjunction with a universal work holder for many tasks, including wire bending or shaping.

A universal work holder is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for clamping and shaping, along with a variety of other tasks. It has a number of steel pins which can be placed on its surface and wire is then bent around these pins into the desired shape.

mini hand vice holding plastic for cutting It can also come in handy for holding small or intricate objects securely for cutting, as it eliminates the risk of the user harming their hand when holding such items.
fly tying It is also commonly used for fly tying, which is the process of producing an artificial fly that can be used by fishermen to catch fish.


mini hand vice jaws Most models of mini hand vice have a jaw opening of no more than 5mm (0.2″ approx.), which is the lowest capacity of any type of vice.
mini hand vice with wooden and metal handle A mini hand vice is available with either a steel handle or a wooden handle. The difference between the two is that a steel handle is often heavier yet slimmer than a wooden handle, meaning it weighs more but there is less to grip onto.
metal vs wooden parts  Although this may make a wooden handle more preferable to many users, a steel handle is more durable and less likely to chip than a wooden handle.

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mini hand vice with hollow handle Some models of mini hand vice can also have the additional feature of a hole running through their handles which allows wires, tubes, and other circular objects to be inserted all the way through. This gives the user additional clamping space and support when working with long circular objects.

There is a type of vice, called a hollow handle vice, which is specially designed with this feature. For more information, visit  What is a hollow handle vice?

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