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What are jaw pads?

What are jaw pads?

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Jaw pads for vice jaws Jaw pads are soft-faced jaws which slip onto the surface of the vice’s original jaws to protect a workpiece from any damage. Jaw pads can also be referred to as soft inserts, fibre grips or cheeks, and are an ideal feature for protecting delicate or plated surfaces from any denting or marring.
cheeks Jaw pads that are designed for metalworking vices or machine vices should only be used in these types of vice, and the same applies to pads designed for woodworking types.

Jaw pads for metalworking vices

Jaw pads for metalworking vices With metalworking vices, jaw pads are usually used to protect softer metals from any damage. Metals such as brass, copper and aluminium can become dented from the serrated surface of the vice jaws and so jaw pads can be used to prevent this from happening.
various jaw pads Jaw pads are either clipped on or magnetized to the vice jaws. They are still capable of having a firm grip without the risk of damaging the material they are clamping.

Different pads are designed for various metalworking vices and come in a range of sizes and materials.

Metalworking vice jaw pads made of rubber Rubber jaw pads are ideal for use on the most delicate of metal surfaces and are also excellent for holding irregularly-shaped objects.
leather jaw pads Leather jaw pads are an ideal material to grip onto a workpiece without marring any polished or painted surfaces.

Similarly to rubber jaw pads, they are also useful when wishing to clamp an irregularly-shaped object.

Plastic jaw pads with pipe holes Plastic and PVC jaw pads are also ideal for use on softer materials, such as aluminium.

These pads are more durable than rubber ones and are also available with pipe holes to hold small, tubed objects.

aluminium jaw pads Soft metal pads made from aluminium or copper are also available with pipe grooves for holding circular, hexagonal or irregularly-shaped objects.

Jaw pads for woodworking vices

Jaw pads for woodworking vices Wood is a material that is easily marred and likely to be damaged from the metal jaws of vices.
Wooden jaw pads for woodworking vice jaws To prevent this from happening, wooden jaw pads are often used in woodworking vices to protect the material being clamped.

Jaw pads for woodworking vices are often referred to as ‘cheeks’, and they are wooden protectors usually made from close-grained hardwood and are specially made for woodworking vices.

screwing cheeks onto a vice Wooden jaw pads can either be magnetically attached onto the vice or they can be screwed on as woodworking vices have countersunk holes in the sliding and stationary jaws to facilitate the fitting of these jaw pads.

Jaw pads for machine vices

Drill press vice jaw pads As the jaws of machine vices are often hardened, jaw pads may be needed to protect softer materials from being damaged while clamped. Similarly to a metalworking vice, these pads are either clipped on or magnetized to the vice jaws.
Jaw pads made of rubber for machine vices Rubber or leather jaw pads are often used on machine vice jaws, similarly to metalworking vices, as these materials are ideal for holding onto irregularly-shaped workpieces.

They are also a great material to use when wishing to avoid marring any soft metal, polished or painted surfaces.

Vice jaw pads made of plastic Plastic jaw pads are also commonly used in machine vices. As with metalworking vices, jaw pads of this material are more durable than rubber ones and are usually available with pipe holes to clamp circular or tubed objects.

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