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What is a combi-saw?

What is a combi saw?

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Combi saw A combi saw combines the characteristics of two or more different saws in one single design.

The most commonly-found combi saw is a combination of a bow saw and a hacksaw.

The metal frame is usually shorter than a regular bow saw’s, but has a larger throat depth than a regular hacksaw. For more information, see our section: What is a saw’s throat depth?

Generally, combi saws of this kind will accept 300mm hacksaw and bow saw blades, and will usually come with one of each.

Plastic and metal Hacksaw blades are designed for plastic and metal, while bow saw blades are designed for wet or dry wood (i.e tree branches or shrubs).

Having a combi saw means you only need one tool for both these applications, as opposed to buying both a hacksaw and a bow saw. Buy this and an angle grinder and we’ve got most bases covered.

Wood Removing or installing a blade on a combi saw is usually done in the same way as a regular bow saw.

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