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What saw blade lengths are available?

What saw blade lengths are available?

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Saws come in a variety of different cutting lengths Some saws will come in a variety of different lengths.

Please note that the length refers to the length of the cutting edge along the blade. So a longer saw will always mean a longer blade.

More teeth per inch Compared to a shorter blade, a longer one will have more teeth on it, but not necessarily more Teeth Per Inch. It just means that there’s an extra few inches of teeth added on to the end.
Pull stroke with a saw A longer blade means that the saw can cut through and remove more material per full stroke (when the entire cutting edge is used).

As a result, fewer full strokes are needed to complete the cut.

long and short saw blades A longer blade will allow you to make longer strokes, whereas a shorter blade will require shorter arm movements.

The blade length that’s right for you will very much be down to personal preference, which is why it’s a good idea to hold the saw before you purchase it, and do a few practice strokes in mid air.


Bow saw: "a bow saw is an example of a saw with a long blade) Please note, the longer the blade, the heavier that particular saw will be.

For fast aggressive cutting from above, this is a bonus, as it means that gravity does a lot of the work by naturally helping to pull the saw on to the material.


Man with a saw The length of blade you choose will also be down to personal preference.

If you want to do a lot of sawing, or you want to make more controlled or delicate cuts with a neat finish, WONKEE DONKEE advises that you hold the saw before you purchase it.

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