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What is a two person saw?

What is a two person saw?

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A two person saw A two person saw (often referred to as a felling saw) is an extremely large hand saw with two handles, one at each end of a long curved blade.

As the name suggests, it is designed to be used by two people.

Material and Application

two person saw sawing a large trunk to the correct size. A two person saw is used for cutting down trees or sawing large trunks to the correct size.


Large two person saw


Two person saws have very large blades, some up to 3m (10′ approx.) in length!

The blade is longer than that of a regular saw because it needs to be at least twice the diameter of the tree trunk you want to saw.

Cutting backwards and forwards

Cutting stroke

The teeth on a two person saw do not point backwards or forwards, instead they point straight down. This is because they are designed to cut on both the push and the pull stroke for faster aggressive cutting.

Two person saws Teeth Per Inch Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

Two person saws have the fewest teeth per inch of any hand saw; usually between 1 and 2.

The teeth are very large with deep gullets, so they cut and remove more material with each stroke. The teeth cut quickly and aggressively through wood, which is often a desirable feature when felling trees or cutting logs.

Two person saw cutting a tree truck Two person saws, because of their aggressive cutting style, leave a very rough finish. However, this is not generally a concern for applications such as this.

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