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What is a pruning saw?

What is a pruning saw?

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Pruning saws A pruning saw has a long blade, usually with a curved handle, and is used for cutting through green or dry wood.


Pruning saw cutting small to medium-sized branches Pruning saws are designed for cutting small to medium-sized branches (usually up to 6cm thick), or for cutting in places that a bow saw cannot fit.


Pruning saw blade length


All pruning saws have tapered blades, but some are curved and some are straight.

On most models, the blade is not designed to be removed from the handle

pruning saw teeth

Cutting stroke

Most pruning saws are designed to cut on both the push and pull stroke. As a result, they can cut through tree branches or shrubs quickly but will leave a rougher finish.

For more information, see our section: Push stroke saws vs. pull stroke saws

Tree which has been pruned

Teeth Per Inch (TPI) 

Pruning saws usually have between 5 and 12 teeth per inch.

Generally, models with fewer teeth per inch will be able to tackle larger branches, and those with more teeth per inch will be more suitable for smaller branches.

pruning saw open pistol grip handle


A pruning saw has what’s known as an ‘open pistol grip handle’. This type of handle is often found on smaller saws which are designed for working in awkward or confined spaces or for sawing overhead.

The curved handle makes it easier to cut above your head and as the handle is lighter, it puts less strain on the wrist as a result.

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