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What is a saw’s throat depth?

What is a saw’s throat depth?

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Throat depth of a saw The space inside the frame is called the ‘throat’.

The measurement from the top of the frame to the saw’s teeth is called the ‘throat depth’. This measurement determines how far you can cut into a material before it hits the frame.

Frame saw used to cut into material The deeper the saw’s throat, the deeper the saw will cut into material.


Some frame saws have a variety of different throat depths to choose from. These are the most common depths but they may not apply to every model:

Junior hacksaws

Junior hacksaw 100mm (3.9″ approx.)

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Hacksaw 100-150mm (3.9-5.9″ approx.)

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Coping saws

Coping Saw 120mm (4.7″ approx.)

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Fret saws

Fret Saw 130mm (5.11″ approx.)

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Bow saws

Bow Saw 150-300mm (5.9-11.9″ approx.)

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