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What are the benefits of using a hand saw?

What are the benefits of using a hand saw?

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Handsaw in the sunshine Want to work outside in the sunshine, without cumbersome wires?

You can with a hand-powered saw!

Easily transported

Tool kit Most manual saws are considerably smaller and lighter than their powered counterparts and do not require an electricity cable to work. As a result, they can be easily moved from one place to another.

There is even a smaller version of a general purpose hand saw called a toolbox saw. This is small enough to fit into most toolboxes, and so can be taken with you wherever you go.

Manual Saws are lighter and can easily access awkward places Manual saws are also much lighter than power saws so they can be used for sawing in awkward places such as overhead.

Convenient when there’s no power outlet nearby

No battery power, man sawing stone Because manual saws are powered solely by human effort, they do not require a power cable or a rechargeable battery.

As a result they can be used even when there is no power supply in reach.

No trailing cables

No risk of trailing cables with a hand saw, trip hazard sign A saw is a manual tool, so there is no risk of trips or falls as a result of trailing electricity cables.

Lower risk

Fast cutting power saw Power saws can cut very quickly and forcefully, and it can be easy to lose control of one if you are not an experienced user.

With a manual saw, your arm is the power source, so when you stop, so does the saw.

Less expensive

Piggy bank Manual saws are considerably less expensive compared to power saws.

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