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What are the parts of a saw?

What are the parts of a saw?

There are many different types of saw, but most have the same basic parts. These include the handle, heel, front, back, teeth, blade and toe. Read our full guide to the parts of a saw below along with what each part does.

Labelled diagram of a handsaw.

Saw Handle

Example of a handsaw handle.

The handle is the portion that’s gripped by the user and is used to move the saw back and forth through material in order to cut it.


Handles comes in several different shapes depending on the saw’s application.

Saw Blade

Teeth on a handsaw blade.

The blade is typically made from steel and has a number of sharp teeth running along its bottom edge. The teeth are the part that penetrate the material first when cutting.

Front and Back

Diagram of the front and back of a handsaw.

When viewed from the side, the bottom edge of the blade where the saw’s teeth are, is called the front, and the opposite edge is called the back.


Heel and Toe

Labelled diagram of the heel and toe on a handsaw.

The end of the blade closest to the handle is called the heel, and the opposite end is called the toe.


Saw Frame

Labelled diagram of a saw frame handle including the frame, handle and blade.

Some types of saw, like this hacksaw, also have a frame which extends out of the handle and attaches to the other end of the blade. All frame saws have removable blades.


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