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Fixed Saw Blades vs Removable Saw Blades

Fixed saw blades vs. removable saw blades

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Removable blades

Removable saw blades Saws with removable blades will usually be those with metal frames.

Coping, fret, bow and hacksaws are all examples of saws that have metal frames and removable blades.

These types of saws all have fairly thin blades held under tension by a metal frame in order to prevent them bending in the material.

Removing the saw blade How you remove the blade from a frame saw will vary depending on the design.

For an example of how to remove the blade on each of these saws, see the section: How to insert and remove a blade in an adjustable frame.

Fixed blades

Fixed blades A fixed blade will be welded or screwed on to the handle and is not intended for removal. Panel, tenon, dovetail, pruning and compass saws are all examples of saws with fixed blades.

Compared to saws with removable blades, fixed-blade saws usually have wider, longer and thicker blades which are designed to last longer, rather than be replaced frequently.

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