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Hardened vs Resharpenable Teeth: Which should you choose?

Hardened vs. resharpenable teeth –
which should you choose?

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Bin Some people claim that the introduction and increasing popularity of hardened teeth simply encourages our throwaway culture of disposing of things once they become broken, rather than taking the time to fix them, as our parents and grandparents did.

However, there are some situations when having a saw with hardened teeth is just more practical and convenient:

Saws with hardened teeth

Saws with hardened teeth
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Generally less expensive
  • Teeth stay sharp for longer
  • Cannot be resharpened, so they must be thrown away and replaced once they become blunt
Useful if… You’re working on a construction site or in another environment where the saw is likely to be moved around, damaged or lost. Hardened saws are less expensive and can be easily replaced should they become knocked about.

Saws with resharpenable teeth

Saws with re-sharpenable teeth
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Teeth can be resharpened and used again, once they they become blunt.
  • Generally more expensive
  •  Teeth become blunt quicker
Useful if…The majority of your sawing is done at home or in a workshop where the saw is less likely to become damaged. As they are more expensive, you should ensure that you properly maintain and store a resharpenable saw.
 Frame saws have a thin stretched blade between a metal frame Please note: Technically speaking, any saw which doesn’t have hardened teeth, can be resharpened, but not all of them should be.

Frame saws are a good example of this. These types of saws have a thin blade stretched between a metal frame. Although the teeth on these blades are not usually hardened, they are not really designed to be sharpened.

 Coping, fret, bow, hacksaws and junior hacksaws are all example of frame saws.


Because the teeth on these saws are usually very small, you would probably have a hard time finding a file small enough to file them correctly. As well as this, the blades are very thin and could easily becoming damaged or broken if you try to file the teeth.

 Recyclable blade And finally, the blades are usually inexpensive, and are therefore designed to be thrown away and replaced, once the teeth become blunt.   

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