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What are the different types of saw handle?

What are the different types of saw handle?

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Wooden saw handle All saws have a handle, which will either be made from wood or plastic.

There are three handle designs commonly found on saws; each have their own particular set of characteristics:

Closed pistol grip handles

Closed pistol grip handle This type of handle is often found on saws with larger or longer blades.

The large handle supports the blade, and because it’s closed, the user’s hand is less likely to slip out when sawing quickly.

As a result, this type of handle is ideal for faster, more aggressive cutting.

Open pistol grip handles

Open pistol grip handle This type of handle is often found on smaller saws such as compass or drywall saws which are designed for working in awkward or confined spaces.

The curved handle makes cutting overhead easier, and as the handle is smaller and lighter, it puts less strain on the user’s wrist when working.

Straight handles

Straight handle This type of handle makes cutting curves much easier, and as a result it is often found on drywall or pad saws.

The cylindrical handle can be turned freely in the user’s hand, making it easier to cut intricate or complex shapes.

Saws of this kind will not generally be used for fast aggressive cutting, as it is harder to apply force to the saw with this type of handle.

How is the handle attached to the blade?

Welded handle and a screwed on handle The handle will either be welded to the blade, or attached with screws.

If the handle is attached using screws, it can become loose over time, however you may be able to tighten it.

If the handle is welded to the blade, it is less likely to become loose, but if it does, it will be more difficult to reattach securely.

Plastic or wood?

Wooden saw handle vs plastic saw handle Plastic handles are usually lighter and less expensive, making them better for more frequent use.

Wooden handles are usually larger and heavier, however, they are considered more aesthetically pleasing, so are often chosen by those working in private workshops rather than on construction sites.

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