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Which saw brand is best?

Which brand is best?

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Different saw brands There are so many brands of hand tool on the market, each one crying out for your attention, but which one is worth your time and money?

Like any product, hand tools across brands will differ in their design and features, the warranty offered by the manufacturer, and of course, the price. So which brand is best?

Well, perhaps the question should be, which brand is best for you?

Each have their own unique set of characteristics, which, while they may be right for one person, will be completely wrong for another. Some users have saws from many different manufacturers, as they find that some make one product better than they do another.

Of course, every manufacturer will tell you that their products are right for every application and everybody, but without testing each one, choosing a brand can be a baffling experience.

Finding the right brand for you

Product comparisons

Product comparisons

It would be rather impractical, not to mention expensive, to test out all the brands of hand saw against each other, so let someone else do it for you!

Product comparisons online and in magazines often test several tools of different makes against one another, then present the results in a clear and concise format. As well as this, the tests are usually carried out by long time DIYers who know what they’re talking about, and which features are most desirable to their audience.

Saw reviews


Slightly similar to product comparisons, product reviews are often more informal and easier to come across.

Websites such as Amazon, which have  a section for each product, allowing users to rate and review, are a good final port of call if you’ve found the bow saw of your dreams and just need the confirmation that will turn your ponder into a purchase.

Saw discussions on Forums


The question that crops up most frequently on tool forums is: “Which brand is best?”. It’s a topic that is always guaranteed to attract attention from people wanting to rant or rave about a product, and speak to people who have had similar experiences.

Forums You may find that some people buy the same brand time and time again, simply because it has never failed them, while others are constantly on the look out for the ‘best’, and so will have experience of using many different brands. Either way, a quick glance on a tool forum is a swift and easy way to see what people are buying and why.
Talk to the people who actually use the tools

Talk to the people who actually use the tools

If your friends don’t share your passion for panel saws, then talk to the staff at your local builder’s merchant. Most will do their own DIY at home and will have a good knowledge of the tools they stock, and why they stock them.

Talk to the manufacturers themselves

Talk to the manufacturers themselves

This is probably not the option to pick if you want an unbiased view, however, most manufacturers should be able to give you some information on why they think you should buy their products.

Marketing speak

Remember, don’t be afraid to question any ‘marketing-speak’ they may throw at you. If their new hacksaw is “expertly engineered to offer precision sawing and greater control” – question it; ask them how. Has the design changed, is it held differently, does it have a different blade? If so, how is it different? How is it better?

If they really believe their products are worthwhile, they won’t mind taking the time to tell you why.

Put the theory into practice

Put the theory into practise

Of course, the only real way to guarantee that a certain brand of saw is right for you, is to test it out.

Finding the saw that suits your needs can take time, and many temper tantrums involving broken blades and swear words, but when you do, it’s a very satisfying feeling

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