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What is a hand mitre saw?

What is a hand mitre saw?

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A hand mitre saw A hand mitre saw is a type of manual saw with a long thin blade suspended on rollers in a metal or plastic guide.

Why is it called a mitre saw?

Right-angled joint It’s called a mitre saw because it’s often used for making true mitre joints, which involve cutting two pieces of wood at a 45 degree angle in order to make a right-angled joint.

Mitre joints can also be cut at angles other than 90 degrees.


Picture frame joint A hand mitre saw is specifically designed for making precise angled cuts, often for the construction of joints. The guide will usually have several preset angles, to help ensure that your cut is exact.

Hand mitre saws are often used for applications such as wooden moulding, skirting boards or picture framing, when the finished joint will be on show and so will require a neat and precise cut.

Using hand mitre saw These cuts can be made with a regular saw such as a tenon or dovetail saw, but the hand mitre saw provides the support sometimes needed when making angled cuts
Mitre Saw A more basic version of the hand mitre saw is available which is simply a plastic or wooden tray with slits at various angles.

The tray can be used with most regular Tenon or dovetail saws.

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