What can you do to prevent
damaged or broken teeth?


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Use the right saw for the job

 Use the right saw for the job 

Using a saw designed for cutting wood to cut through a much tougher material such as metal or masonry, can cause the teeth to become broken or damaged.


Always ensure you select a saw which is particularly suited to your application.




Check your material thoroughly

 Check your material thoroughly before you begin sawing 

Before cutting any material you should check it carefully for any nails, screws, or anything which could come into contact with the blade while working and damage it. 




Don't let your saw go rusty

 Don't let your saw go rusty, rust weakens metal making it more prone to breakages. 

Rust weakens metal, making it more prone to breakages. To prevent rust, wipe your saw with a clean, dry cloth after each use and store in a place free from moisture.


When not in use, you can also lightly coat the blade with tool oil or WD40, to help keep rust at bay.

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