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How to use a plastic saw?

How to use a plastic saw?

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Before you begin

Plastic clamped to a piece of wood

Secure your material

If you’re cutting plastic/acrylic sheets, clamp them properly to prevent any flexing. If the plastic sheet is very thin, you may find it helpful to clamp it to a piece of scrap wood.

Tired man

Should you push or pull?

Some plastic saws cut on the push stroke only, others will cut on both the push and the pull stroke. This means you can apply pressure on either stroke, or both for faster more aggressive cutting.

Starting your cut

Starting your cut

Step 1 – Rest blade against material

Rest the blade against the surface of the material.

Step 2 – Pull saw towards you

Pull the saw back towards you, applying a little downward pressure in a short, light stroke.

Fine tooth saw cutting plastic Making the first cut in plastic is often difficult as the surface is so smooth. The first few strokes will need to be shorter, and all in one direction at first. Once the initial cut is made, and the saw has a groove to sit in, you can make longer strokes, moving in both directions and building up a steady rhythm.
Practice cuts If you’re not an experienced hand saw user, getting a feel for the amount of force needed can take a bit of practise, but don’t be put off. Test out your sawing technique on some scrap material to get an idea of how much pressure to apply and the speed at which you feel  comfortable.

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