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What is a toolbox saw?

What is a toolbox saw?

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toolbox saw blade length A toolbox saw is simply a shorter version of a standard hand saw.

Most toolbox saws have a blade length of between 330 – 380mm (12.9-14.9″ approx.), much shorter than regular hand saws, which usually range from 400 – 600mm (15.7-23.6″ approx.)

Toolbox Toolbox saws are ideal for those who want a smaller, lighter tool that’s easily transported.

A toolbox saw is designed to fit into most standard toolboxes, hence its name.

Types of Toolbox saw Like regular hand saws, there are toolbox saws available which can cut through wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals.

The only difference is the length of the blade, and so a toolbox saw is held and used in much the same way as a regular hand saw.

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