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How does the saw feel in your hand?

How does the saw feel in your hand?

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Where possible, hold the saw before you purchase it and consider the following:

Do you have an ample grip on the handle?

Handle grip If you’re going to be using the saw for fast aggressive cutting, you will need to ensure that your hand doesn’t slip off the handle.

Some handles have a rubber coating for added grip.

How heavy is it?

Strained arm The saw’s weight may not be a concern for regular sawing applications, however, if you’re sawing overhead, or holding the tool at an awkward angle, then a heavy saw will put excess strain on your arm and wrist.

Is it comfortable to hold?

Natural wrist position When sawing, is your wrist in a natural position? Do a couple of strokes with the saw in mid air to get some idea of how it feels to use.

Make sure there’s nothing and nobody in the way first!.

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