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What is a pipe bender used for?

What is a pipe bender used for?

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Electrical conduit system A pipe bender is used to bend a range of piping but most commonly; plumbing and conduit (electrical) piping.

It is used to bend pipe in different directions and around obstacles instead of creating a fitting.

3 point saddle bend around another pipe obstacle Bent tubing can be needed for instances such as: moving water and electrical pipes around obstacles (for example, light boxes, skirting boards and stairs).

It can also be used for making pipes for refrigerator connections.

bent exhaust pipes on a motor cycle Bent tubing is also used in motoring particularly for motorcycle exhausts and accessories.

Why use a bent pipe instead of a fitting?

Leaking pipe fitting There are a number of reasons why once you’ve got the hang of bending pipe it is much better than constantly using fittings.

Not only is it cheaper and quicker, but for water pipes it removes the risk of leaking joints, a problem that can arise with fittings.

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