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What are the parts of an ergonomic pipe bender?

What are the parts of an ergonomic pipe bender?

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   Parts of an ergo pipe bender; handles, former, guide, holding clamp

Ergonomic pipe bender former

Ergo pipe bender former The former of the ergonomic pipe bender is designed to shape only 15mm (0.6″) or 10mm (0.4″) pipes and cannot be replaced.

It has 0°, 45°, 90°, 135° and 180° markings.

Ergonomic pipe bender guide

Ergo pipe bender guide The ergonomic pipe bender has a small built-in guide on the underside of one handle. This means that a separate guide does not need to be inserted above the pipe.

The guide takes some of the pressure from the pipe and helps prevent it being crushed during bending.

Ergonomic pipe bender holding clamp

Ergo pipe bender holding clamp The holding clamp hooks around the pipe to hold it steady whilst the pipe is being bent.

Ergonomic pipe bender handles

ergo pipe benders curved ergonomic handles The handles of the ergonomic pipe bender are curved to make bending easier. They are also longer than other pipe bender handles which means that less force is required to bend the pipe.

The handles have a rubber coating to make them non-slip in wet hands.

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