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Ratchet Pipe Bender

Ratchet pipe bender

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Ratchet pipe bender Ratchet pipe benders have a different structure to most other pipe benders. Instead of using the force of the user to bend the pipe, they have a lever which pushes the former into the pipe to bend it.

They can bend up to a 90° angle.

ratchet pipe bender side blocks The ratchet pipe bender has two side blocks which are adjusted to the former size.

Once the pipe is inserted, these two blocks hold the sides of the pipe still whilst the former shapes the centre.

Ratchet pipe bender bending pipe around corner This type of pipe bender is useful in tight spaces where manoeuvring with another pipe bender may be impossible, for example if you are bending a pipe that is already positioned against a wall.

This is because it does not have two long handles which need to be moved to make the bend.

Ratchet pipe bender sizes

Diameter of pipe size Pipe size is measured by the outside diameter of the pipe.
Formers The ratchet pipe bender can hold formers to bend pipe sizes from 10mm (0.4″) – 32mm (1.2″).

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