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Free-Standing Pipe Bender

Free-standing pipe bender

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Free-standing pipe bender Free-standing pipe benders are much larger than other pipe benders. They have two legs which allow them to stand upright on their own, so that you can use both hands to bend the pipe.
Using a free standing pipe bender The free-standing pipe bender is used to bend larger or thicker pipes.

More pressure can be exerted by the user because of its leverage handle and the fact that both hands can be used to pull it. This means that pipes made out of harder metals such as stainless steel can be bent, as well as those made of copper and aluminium.

Using a free standing pipe bender The free-standing bender is mostly used by tradesmen rather than DIYers due to its bulky nature and the fact it is more expensive than some other hand pipe benders.

Free-standing pipe bender sizes

Pipe diameter size Pipe size is measured by the outside diameter of the pipe.
Multiple former sizes The free-standing pipe bender can hold most formers making it a very versatile tool, although it does not bend very small pipes.

It can bend 15mm (0.6″) and 42mm (1.6″) copper piping, as well as 15mm (0.6″) and 35mm (1.3″) stainless steel piping, which is often used in plumbing and electrical pipe installations.

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