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What are the parts of a free standing pipe bender?

What are the parts of a free-standing pipe bender?

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 Parts of a free-standing pipe bender; guide, former, legs, handle, replaceable formers.

Free-standing pipe bender former

free standing pipe bender former The former of the free-standing pipe bender is replaceable to allow the tool to bend different pipe diameters.

It can be changed by unscrewing a nut at the top of the bender’s legs and simply removing one former and replacing with another.

Free-standing pipe bender handle

Free standing pipe bender handle The handle of the free-standing pipe bender is much larger than those of other benders.

This allows the tool to bend thicker or larger piping without too much effort. The handle is pulled down to bend the pipe around the former.

Free-standing pipe bender guide

Free standing pipe bender guide The free-standing pipe bender has a guide which is inserted above the pipe.

The guide takes the pressure being exerted from the pipe and prevents it from being crushed.

Free-standing pipe bender legs

Free standing pipe bender legs The free-standing pipe bender has two large legs which allow it to stand on its own.

This allows the user to use both hands to pull the handle as force may be needed to bend larger pipes.

Replaceable formers on a free-standing pipe bender

free standing pipe bender replaceable formers The free-standing pipe bender comes with two replaceable formers which are attached to the leg of the bender for convenience.

The sizes of the formers can vary between benders and pipe material.

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