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Mini Pipe Bender

Mini pipe bender

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Mini pipe bender A mini pipe bender bends pipe of a smaller size than those that can be bent by the dual pipe bender.

It has three built-in formers which are permanently attached to the bender, instead of being interchangeable as with other benders.

Mini pipe bender sizes

Pipe diameter size Pipe size is measured by the outside diameter of the pipe.
Former sizes on the mini pipe bender The mini pipe bender has three slots to hold pipe that are 6mm (0.23″), 8mm (0.3″) and 10mm (0.4″) in diameter.

Micro pipe bender

Micro pipe bender There is another version of the mini pipe bender, the micro pipe bender, which is even smaller and bends thinner pipes, often used in electrical systems.

Because it so small, it can be used with only one hand, as the pipes do not require a lot of strength to bend.

Micro pipe bender The micro pipe bender, like the mini pipe bender, has three former slots readily built into it. These slots are sized to hold 3mm (0.11″), 4mm (0.15″) and 6mm (0.23″) pipes.

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