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Maintenance of Pipe Benders

Maintenance of pipe benders

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Rain running off shed roof Pipe benders are made from cast aluminium which means they are corrosion resistant, however, as with any tool, keeping it indoors will help prolong its life.
Lubricant to be applied to between pipe benders former and handles to stop the tool sticking when bending pipe When first bought pipe benders can be stiff or rigid due to lack of use, this can also be the case if your pipe bender has not been used for a while, this can cause the handles to stick when pulling and will give a crimped bend. To avoid this apply a lubricant to joints of the handle and the roller.
Wonkee Donkee tool box A tool box can be useful if you use a number of formers, to keep them together and stop them getting lost.

How do you identify a good quality tool?

Crushed pipe Cheaper pipe benders tend to be less reliable and need replacing more often.

Cheap pipe benders can also crush or cripple the pipe, making it unusable, no matter how carefully you bend it. This can be due to poor quality rollers and means that it is always worth paying a little more to ensure that your the tool will be effective.

Quality stamped A well known branded tool is often a sign that the pipe bender will be of reasonable quality, as they tend to keep all of their tools to a similar quality and standard.
Copper pipes When using pipe benders, it is also important to use a quality pipe, as cheap piping can often be the cause of crushing rather than the actual bender.

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