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How to use an ergonomic pipe bender?

How to use an ergonomic pipe bender

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10mm and 15mm ergo pipe bender

Step 1 – Check size

Check that your pipe is 15mm (0.6″) or 10mm (0.4″) in diameter to match whichever sized bender you have, as the ergonomic pipe bender can only fit one size of piping.

Ergo pipe bender with built in guide to allow for no crushing when bending copper piping

Step 2 – Secure pipe

Open the handles and insert the pipe into the former. Place the holding clamp over the end of the pipe to secure it in place.

The ergonomic pipe bender has a built-in guide so this does not need to be inserted. Pull the top handle slightly to lock the pipe into position.

Bending copper piping with and ergo pipe bender

Step 3 – Bend pipe

Pull the top handle down using the curved handle grips, slowly bending the pipe around the former.

Once you have reached your intended angle, bend slightly past it to allow for spring back.

A piece of copper pipe that has been bent into a 90 degree bend using and ergo pipe bender

Step 4 – Remove pipe and further bend

Open out the handles and lift the pipe from the former. If the pipe requires further bending, (for example if creating a saddle bend), repeat the process from step 1.

For more information on the types of bends that can be created, see the page What are the types of bend?

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