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What are the parts of a dual pipe bender?

What are the parts of a dual pipe bender?

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Parts of a dual pipe bender; formers/ shoes, guides, holding clamps, handles, roller

Formers or shoes on a dual pipe bender

Dual pipe bender formers sized 15mm and 22mm The former, also known as the shoe, is where the pipe is laid to be bent. The size of the former must match the diameter of the pipe to help keep its shape.

The dual pipe bender has two formers, most commonly sized 15mm (0.6″) and 22mm (0.8″), but these can vary.

Former with angle markings Formers often have markings along them to indicate where to rest the pipe, and angle markings to aid the user with their calculations.

The markings can vary between pipe benders, some having different angle markings, but the 90 degree marking is standard for most pipe benders. This is because 90 degree bends are used often in both electrical and plumbing installations.

Guides on a dual pipe bender

Pipe bender guide The guide is a solid piece of metal, separate from the dual pipe bender. It is inserted in between the pipe and the roller to absorb the pressure being exerted and to stop the pipe from being crushed.

Like the former, its one side is shaped and sized to match the pipe diameter, to help the pipe keep its shape.

Holding clamps on a dual pipe bender

Pipe bender holding clamp The holding clamps are hooks which clip around the pipe to hold it in place during bending. These, too, have to fit the pipe to make sure that it moves as little as possible.

Dual pipe bender roller

dual pipe bender roller The roller is a wheel fixed to one of the handles. It presses against the guide to bend the pipe, rolling along it as the handles are squeezed closer together.

Dual pipe bender handles

Dual pipe bender handles The dual pipe bender has two handles which are pushed together to create a bend.

They have rubber grips on the end to help aid grip with wet hands.

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