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What are pipe benders made from?

What are pipe benders made from?

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Die-cast aluminium

Manufacturing die cast aluminium Pipe benders are generally made from die-cast aluminium. Die-cast aluminium is strong, which is important for pipe benders as they need to be able to withstand pressure when bending.

Aluminium is used over other strong materials, such a steel, as it is strong as well as being lightweight. This is important for most pipe benders as they are used whilst being held in the air by the user, if they were too heavy, it would make bending the pipe very difficult.

Die casting into moulds Die-casting involves molten metal, in this case aluminium, being forced in-between two dies (moulds).
die cast aluminium Die-casting is used to temper the aluminium so that it is strong, corrosion-resistant and can withstand high temperatures whilst still being lightweight.


Pipe bender made from steel with a case hardened steel roller There are some pipe benders available which are made from steel with a case hardened steel roller. The handles and former are made from unhardened steel, whereas the roller has been reinforced to allow it to withstand the pressure of bending.
Steel pipes

Case hardening

Case hardening strengthens the surface of the material whilst allowing the rest of the metal to remain relatively soft. For steel, carbon is infused into the casing as compared to other metals steel has a low carbon content and this is what gives it its strength.

Heating steel to make it case hardened To harden the steel, it is placed within a carbon-based hardening compound, known as a pack. The pack is heated in a hot furnace for a specific amount of time which can vary.

The time and temperature the pack is heated to determines how deep into the material is hardened.

Using a pipe bender Case hardening the steel means that it is resistant to pressure and impact, this is important for the roller of the pipe bender as it is the part which takes the most pressure during pipe bending.

The rest of the body is made from steel, which is cheaper than using die-cast aluminium for the whole tool, but means that it can still resist the pressure of bending because of the case -hardened roller.

Quality Despite pipe benders which have been made completely from die-cast aluminium being more expensive, they may be of an overall better quality and maintain this quality for longer.


Paint Some models are finished in a high gloss paint this can further protect the tool from weathering and corrosion as it provides an extra layer to the metal.

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