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How to use a conduit pipe bender?

How to use a conduit pipe bender

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Mark the centre of conduit pipe so it can be bent by a conduit pipe bender

Step 1 – Mark pipe

Mark on the pipe where the centre of your intended bend will be.

Labelled fulcrum marking on a conduit pipe bender former, the marking is where the pipes marking is lined up to before bending

Step 2 – Insert pipe

Insert the pipe into the former with the holding clamp securing it in place.

Line up your centre bend mark with the fulcrum mark on the former.

   Wonkee Donkee says; The fulcrum mark looks like a cross between a star and an arrow and can be found near the centre of the former
bending conduit pipe using a conduit pipe bender with one hand on the handle and one on the foot press

Step 3 – Bend pipe

Place the bender on the floor with the handle facing upwards. Place your foot on the foot press and slowly pull the handle down towards you whilst pushing on the foot press.

When the angle marking of the angle you wish to create is facing vertically upwards on the former, the bend is complete. Bend slightly past the angle to allow for spring back.

Bent piping

Step 4 – Remove pipe

Pick up the tool and remove the pipe from the former. If any further bending is required, repeat the process from step 1.

Bending conduit piping using a conduit pipe bender If the next bend you need to make is in the opposite direction to the first, the bender will need to be used with the handle on the floor, as the pipe will not sit flat.

The pipe bender is used in very much the same way, except force will be exerted by your hands to bend the pipe and the intended angle marking will be facing vertically downwards when the bend is complete.

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