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Ergonomic Pipe Bender

Ergonomic Pipe Bender

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Ergo pipe bender The ergonomic pipe bender has a similar design to the dual and mini pipe benders, but has only one former.

It is called the ergonomic pipe bender because it has curved ergonomic handles which are supposedly designed to make pipe bending easier, requiring less force.

Ergonomic pipe bender handles The curved handles serve to make bending easier by being slightly longer to give the user more leverage. As well as this, their curved shape allows them to sit better in the user’s hands.

They are made from rubber which makes them non-slip, even in wet hands, further aiding the user’s grip.

Ergo pipe bender Despite these factors, it would seem that the ergonomic handles only slightly enhance the bending process and many users do not see a benefit over other pipe benders.
Price tag Ergonomic pipe benders are much more expensive than other manual pipe benders.

As the ergonomic handles make minimal difference to the bending process and the bender is limited to bending only one size of piping, the price may not be justified.

Ergonomic pipe bender sizes

Pipe diameter size Pipe size is measured by the outside diameter of the pipe.
Ergonomic pipe bender sizes; 10mm & 15mm Currently the ergonomic pipe bender has only one manufacturer and this model can have either a 10mm (0.4″) or 15mm (0.6″) former which can bend up to 180°. It is suitable for use on pipes used in both electrical and plumbing installations.

The formers, however, cannot be replaced on the ergonomic bender.

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