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What are the types of pipe bender?

What are the types of pipe bender?

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Dual pipe bender

Dual pipe bender The dual pipe bender has two differently sized formers for the pipe to be bent around, which enable the tool to bend pipe of two different sizes.

It is used manually and can bend pipe to a range of angles.

Mini pipe bender

Mini pipe bender The mini pipe bender only bends small sized piping no larger than 10mm (0.4″) in diameter.

It works in the same way as a dual pipe bender with two handles bending the pipe.

Ergonomic pipe bender

Ergo pipe bender The ergonomic pipe bender has curved handle ends which are ergonomically designed to make pipe bending easier, as they require less strength.

For more information, see: Ergonomic pipe bender

Free-standing pipe bender

Free-standing pipe bender The free-standing pipe bender is used to bend longer or thicker piping which requires more force.

It has a free-standing base and a long handle which allows more pressure to be put on the pipe without extra force from the user.

Ratchet pipe bender

Ratchet pipe bender The ratchet pipe bender has a ratchet handle which slowly pushes upwards, pushing the pipe to bend between two blocks. This bender is more compact so can be used easily in small spaces and its ratchet mechanism means that it requires less effort from the user to bend the pipe. For more information see: Ratchet pipe bender

Conduit pipe bender

Conduit bender The conduit bender is designed specifically for conduit piping.

It only has one handle and uses the floor as extra leverage, as conduit piping (electrical piping) is generally smaller than most plumbing piping so requires less strength and force to bend it.

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