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How to use a dual pipe bender?

How to use a dual pipe bender

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Inserting copper pipe into a dual pipe bender so it can be bent.

Step 1 – Insert pipe

Open the handles of the pipe bender out fully and slot the pipe into the appropriately sized former.

How to use a dual pipe bender opening out the pipe benders handles

Step 2 – Secure pipe

Clip the holding clamp over the end of the pipe and slot in the guide between the top of the pipe and the handle.

Pull the handle down slightly to hold the pipe in position.

Bending copper pipe around a dual pipe bender

Step 3 – Bend pipe

Pull down the top handle slowly, bending the pipe around the former until you reach the desired angle.

Line up the pipe with the angle line you desire on your former – this will require some of your own judgement.

Bending copper pipe just past 90 degrees with a dual pipe bender

Step 4 – Continue bend

Once the pipe is at the required angle, pull just past the angle line, as, when released, the pipe will spring back slightly.

Removing the pipe from the dual pipe bender after it has been bent

Step 5 – Take out pipe

Open the pipe bender’s handles and remove the guide and pipe now that it has been bent.

Making an extra bend with a dual pipe bender

Step 6 – Make any further bends

If the piece of pipe requires any further bending (for example when making saddle bends) repeat the process from step 1.

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