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How to use a mini pipe bender?

How to use a mini pipe bender

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Mini pipe bender former sizes, where the pipe is inserted

Step 1 – Check size

When using the mini or micro pipe bender, it is important that your pipe sizes match one of the three former sizes of the bender.

Inserting copper pipe into the mini pipe bender in preparation to bent to an angle

Step 2 – Insert pipe

Open the pipe bender’s handles and insert the pipe into the matching former size.

Mini pipe bender guide, Use markings O,R and L to judge how far to bend the pipe around the pipe bender

Step 3 – Secure pipe

Clip the holding clamp over the end of the pipe to hold it and slightly pull the top handle down to fix the pipe in place.

If the intended angle is past 90°, for example 135°, align the pipe with the R marking. If the intended angle is lower than 90°, for example 45°, align the pipe with the L marking.

Bending a 45 degree angle with a mini pipe bender

Step 4 – Bend pipe

Pull the handle towards the second handle, slowly bending the pipe around the former, until the 0 marking on the guide reaches the intended angle.

Pull just past the angle required to allow for some pipe spring back.

Bent copper pipe being removed from mini pipe bender

Step 5 – Remove pipe

Open out the handles and lift the pipe out of the bender.

Making a 90 degree bend in copper pipe with a mini pipe bender

Step 6 – Further bend if required

If the pipe requires further bending (for example if creating a saddle bend) repeat the process from step 1.

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