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How to use a ratchet pipe bender?

How to use a ratchet pipe bender

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Attaching a former to a ratchet pipe bender so that copper pipe can be bent against it.

Step 1 – Attach former

Attach the correct sized former to your ratchet pipe bender. This is done by slotting the former onto the top of the ratchet handle bar and screwing it into place.

Turning the side blocks on a ratchet pipe bender to match the copper pipe so as to be bent

Step 2 – Adjust side blocks

Rotate the side blocks until the correct size matches the size of the former and pipe.

Adjust the side blocks by turning the wheel on the back of the side blocks so they correlate the angle you wish to make. The angle markings that the side blocks are set to are along the bar the they are attached to.

Labelled former on the ratchet pipe bender used to shape the pipe whilst bending

Step 3 – Set former

Push the former down as far as it will go, so that it is close to the trigger handle.

Inserting copper pipe into ratchet pipe bender ready to be bent

Step 4 – Insert pipe

Place the pipe beneath the side blocks so it fits into the side blocks grooves.

You will need to hold the end of the pipe with one hand whilst bending.

Making a bend in copper pipe with a ratchet pipe bender

Step 5 – Make bend

Holding the pipe in one hand and the ratchet pipe bender handle in the other, pull the ratchet trigger to move the former upwards.

Hold the pipe steady as the former pushes against it and the side blocks to create the bend.

bent copper piping after being bent using a ratchet pipe bender

Step 6 – Remove pipe

Once the pipe has been bent, release the ratchet trigger and push the former down slightly to allow you to pull out the pipe.

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