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Dual Pipe Bender

Dual pipe bender

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Dual pipe bender The dual pipe bender is the most common type of pipe bender. It has two formers which can vary in size and, on some models, can be replaced with other formers to make the tool more versatile.

The formers are interchanged by unscrewing a nut on the side of the bender, removing the former and simply inserting a new one.

Using a pipe bender, labelled guide The dual pipe bender can bend angles of up to 90° when the handles are pulled together. The tool also uses a guide which is inserted above the pipe, to prevent it from collapsing or creasing during bending. It does this by taking the pressure created by the bender, so the pipe does not have to.

For more information about the guide, see What are the parts of a dual pipe bender?

Dual pipe bender sizes

Pipe diameter size Pipe size is determined by measuring the outside diameter of the pipe.
Sizes of formeres; 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm The dual pipe bender is available with former sizes for holding 12mm (0.4″), 15mm (0.6″), 18mm (0.7″) and 22mm (0.86″) diameter pipes. Usually, the bender will come with standard 15mm (0.6″) and 22mm (0.86″) formers as these are the most common diameters of copper piping used in plumbing applications.

Some, though, can have interchangeable formers which allow other sizes to be used.

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