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Conduit Pipe Bender

Conduit pipe bender

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Conduit bender The conduit bender is a pipe bender specifically made to bend conduit pipe. Conduit pipe is pipe used to run electrical wires through.
Conduit pipe Conduit piping should only be bent before use. It should not be bent if it already contains wires or cables, as this could damage them.
Conduit pipe being bent on floor using a conduit pipe bender The conduit pipe bender is used on the ground, with the user’s foot and the floor used as leverage to bend the pipe.
Conduit pipe bender handle lengths The handle of the tool is available in lengths between 965mm (38″) and 1371mm (54″).

A longer handle gives the user more leverage which is beneficial if bending pipe made of stronger materials, such as steel.

Steel conduit pipe The tool can also be used upright, by bending the conduit by hand around the former.

This method is better used with copper conduit piping that is much easier to bend and requires less force than steel conduit.

Hickey pipe bender used to bend small conduit piping There are two further types of pipe benders, specifically designed to bend conduit piping, however they are not currently available in the UK.

Hickey bender

The first of these is the hickey bender. This has a similar design to the conduit pipe bender but has a hook like end instead of a former. The hook is used to create bends of a much tighter radius, which may be needed at the back of a refrigerator, for example, and requires multiple movements to create this bend.

It can bend conduit of pipe of 12.7mm (0.5″) – 25.4mm (1″) in diameter.

Mechanical pipe bender

Mechanical conduit bender

Another style of conduit bender is the mechanical conduit bender. It is a small step up from a hand-held dual pipe bender as it still requires manual force from the user to bend the pipe.

The bender, however, is mounted upon a set of small wheels with a handle, to allow the tool to be moved around easily. This can be useful on large worksites.

Conduit pipe bender sizes

Diameter of pipe size Pipe size is measured by the outside diameter of the pipe.
Former sizes of the conduit pipe bender, available in 20mm and 25mm to bend 20 and 25mm sized conduit piping. The conduit pipe bender is available with formers to fit pipe diameters of 20mm (0.7″) and 25mm (0.9″). These are the most common sizes available for conduit piping.

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