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What types of auger head are available
for drain snakes?

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auger head selection for drain snake Although augers with unchangeable heads are suitable for most blockages, some drain snakes have interchangeable heads, each of which is suited to a specific task.

Auger heads are most common on professional types of power augers, but interchangeable heads can occasionally be found on manual DIY augers. The most common types are:

Boring gimlets

boring gimlet auger head for drain snake A boring gimlet is the type auger head found on most models. It is especially good for retrieving lost objects like toys and jewellery.

Down head boring gimlets

down head boring gimlet auger head for drain snake Down head boring gimlets are very similar to boring gimlets and are also used to retrieve lost items. However, the down head (hinge) helps to direct the cable, ensuring it travels the correct path.


arrowhead auger head for drain snake An arrowhead is considered a starting auger head, which is used to restart the flow of water through a pipe by pushing blockages away.

Flexible arrowheads

flexible arrowhead auger head for drain snake Like regular arrowheads, flexible arrowheads are used to start the flow of water through small pipes. The flexibility of this auger head allows it to manoeuvre around corners.

Side cutter blades

side cutter blades gimlet auger head for drain snake Side cutter blades are used to scrape away greasy build-up on the walls of the pipes.
attached boring gimlet auger head Most non-professional drain augers will include the multi-purpose boring gimlet head, which cannot be replaced. When necessary, you should choose the head which best suits the blockage or even a combination of the different heads.