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How to use a drain auger?

How to use a drain auger

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For a drum auger…

Step 1- Pull out first section of snake

Ensuring the snake lock is off, pull out around 30cm (11 13/16″) of cable and then lock the cable in place.

For all types of drain auger…

feed first section of auger in to drain

Step 2- Feed down drain

Feed the first section of cable into the pipe.

 The cable may require some wiggling and rotating to encourage it through the drain pipes.
rotate auger handle quickly

Step 3- Rotate handle

Rotate the handle quickly in either direction.

For drum augers…

unscrew snake lock and free more cable

Step 4- Unlock, release snake and re-lock

Release the snake lock, pull out more cable and lock. You will need to repeat this step, when necessary, throughout the rest of the process.

For all drain augers…

rotate and feed drain auger in to pipe

Step 5- Feed cable

Continue to feed the cable into the pipe. It may help to rotate as you go.

rotate drain auger handle before removing

Step 6- Rotate handle

When the cable has reached its limit or you have felt the blockage, rotate a few more times before beginning removal.

To remove the drain auger

gently pull auger from drain pipe

Step 7- Pull out cable

Gently pull the cable back out of the pipe.

pull clogs from auger as removed

Step 8- remove debris

Remove any debris from the cable as it is removed.

For drum augers…

feed snake back into drum

Step 9- Push cable back into drum

Feed the cable back into the drum as you remove it from the pipe, ensuring the snake lock is off.

plug hole draining smoothly

Step 10- Repeat if necessary

Repeat all steps if necessary. Continue to do this until the auger comes out clear and the drainage is back to normal.

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