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What are the parts of a closet auger?

What are the parts of a closet auger?

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basic drain auger The basic drain auger (coil and auger head) is the main working part of every type of drain snake.
labelled closet auger

Closet auger tube

closet auger down toilet demonstratiion The snake retracts into the the tube before use, which makes it easier to insert the auger into the blocked toilet. There is also an inner tube that allows the retraction and dispensation of the snake.

It is operated by the handles, which pull or push the inner tube, and subsequently the snake, into position.

Closet auger bowl guard

toilet auger in use, wider pipes The bowl guard is a curved section at the base of the tube, covered in vinyl. It both guides the auger around the bend, at the base of the toilet bowl, and protects the porcelain from the metal snake.

Extra features available for closet augers

closet auger button for extending length and storage clip


There is a clip at the base of the handle to secure and store the snake when not in use.

Extending button

There is a button at the top of the inner tube on 6ft toilet augers. This releases the extra length of snake when required.

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