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What are the parts of a gully grab?

What are the parts of a gully grab?

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Gully grab scoop

gully grab scoops, round and square The scoop, also referred to as a bowl, is the the part of the tool which collects the silt and debris from gullies. Scoops consist of two hinged pieces and can either be round or square.

They come in slightly varying diameters for different gullies and other drainage systems. The most common diameters are 90 mm, 135 mm and 200 mm (3 1/2″, 5 5/16″ and 7 7/8″).

round gully grab in use The round scoops are able to fit into more spaces than square scoops and are also more widely available.

This is because the majority of drain pipes are round. However square scoops may be useful for reaching corners in manholes.

gully grab scoop mechanism

Scoop mechanism

In order for the scoop to function, there must be a mechanism which moves its two parts. This can vary slightly, but is always controlled by the handle.

Shaft of a gully grab

gully grab shaft 1.5m The gully grab has a long shaft of approximately 1.5m (5 ft).

In most cases, the shaft consists of a hollow tube, within which there is a pole connecting the scoop mechanism to the handle.

Gully grab handhold

handhold for gully grab The handhold protrudes from the top of the shaft’s outer tube. It is a fixed tube which is used to grip and steady the gully grab.

Handle on a gully grab

gully grab handle The handle extends from the inner pipe of the shaft and is connected to the scoop mechanism.

The T-shaped handle is gripped in one hand and moved up and down to work the scoop on the opposite end.

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