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What is a drain auger?

What is a drain auger?

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closet and basic drain auger
Drain augers are versatile drain unblockers. There are multiple varieties and many have different applications. For instance, a closet auger is a tool used to unblock toilets.
snake in the toilet There are also several different names used to refer to them, the most common being a snake. As a result, the process of unblocking a drain or toilet with an auger is often called ‘snaking’.
coil and auger head A common feature of all models is the long coil with an open spring head. It is the handle, casing and/or dispense mechanism that can alter between augers.
unblocking an external drain There are drain augers available for unblocking toilets, basins, showers, baths, sinks, urinals, internal waste pipes and external drains.

Anyone can use a drain auger, but the accessibility to some drainage systems may require a plumber or specialist.

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