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How to use a barbed drain unclogger?

How to use a barbed drain unclogger?

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plughole Barbed drain uncloggers do not require the disassembly of any fixtures, and can be used on baths, showers and sinks.
plastic bag for collecting clogs

Step 1- Prepare

Get a plastic bag or some paper ready to collect any clogs that you remove. You may also want some pliers to pull off the clogs when they surface.

begin to feed drain unclogger through plughole

Step 2- Feed tip into drain

Begin to feed the tip-end of the barbed drain unclogger into one of the holes in the plughole.

prod the clog with the barbed drain unclogger

Step 3- Push against clog

When you meet some resistance as you push the unclogger down the plughole, prod the blockage with the tool a couple of times.

pull out barbed drain unclogger

Step 4- Pull out unclogger

Pull the unclogger out completely. You will most likely have hair clogs coming with the tool.

remove clumps with pliers

Step 5- Remove debris

Remove the hair clogs from the barbed drain unclogger and around the plughole. This is where your pliers may come in handy.

barbed drain unclogger coming out clean

Step 6- Repeat if necessary

Repeat until the unclogger meets no resistance and there are no longer any clumps of hair being removed.

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