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How to prepare a sink, shower or bath for unblocking?

How to prepare a sink, shower or bath for unblocking

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plughole on sink Before you can proceed with snaking the drain using the correct type of auger, it is important to know how to approach different fixtures.

When snaking a sink, bath, shower or basin, you can feed the drain auger into the plughole. Sometimes, in order to do this, you will need to remove the drain cover. This is usually screwed on and will require elbow grease and some thin-nose pliers to unscrew.

The type of plughole will determine how it needs to be removed, but here is an example of how it may work.

To remove the drain cover…

unscrew screw from centre of plughole

Step 1- Unscrew

If present, unscrew the visible screw, which secures the decorative finishing piece of the plughole, using a screwdriver.

remove decorative drain cover

Step 2- Remove decorative piece

Remove the decorative finishing piece.

place pliers in plughole holes

Step 3- Grip plug with pliers

Use pliers to grip the plughole. Lower pliers into the plughole holes.

rotate pliers anticlockwise in plughole

Step 4- Unscrew plughole

Rotate the pliers in an anti-clockwise direction to unscrew the drain cover.

You may require a set of extra-long pliers to act as a turning handle, if the plughole resists unscrewing.

remove plughole

Step 5- Remove plughole

Remove the plughole.

To use the overflow…

remove metal fixings from overflow hole It is also possible to feed the auger into overflow holes, this is especially true of baths.

In order to do this, ensure the hole is big enough and remove any metal pieces with a screwdriver.

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