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How to prevent blocked drains?

How to prevent blocked drains

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prevention ave this way Now that you have cleared the blockage, it may be wise to consider some preventative measures to stop it happening again.

Be careful what you flush

phone down toilet It may be obvious, but it is vital to remember that toilets and sinks are only for disposing of a select few things.

The occasional accident with a phone or jewellery, for instance, may be unavoidable, but things like sanitary wear and kitchen paper should not be flushed. Food items and oil can also clog up the pipes.

Drain covers

drain cover Hair is the main cause of drain blockages and is an unavoidable problem. However, there is a gadget which sits on top of your plughole and catches some of the hair and other items which cause problems for drains, like food.

These drain covers are available for all plugholes and are quite effective, although they will not completely stop the problem.

Regular cleaning

food around plughole It is important to to keep your plugholes clean. If you use drain covers, you will still need to clean them out regularly.

You should also pull out anything that gathers around the plughole (like hair and food) and put it in the bin, instead of pushing it down the drain.

Pour hot water through the system

pour hot water down drains One solution to aid in keeping your drains clear is to simply pour some hot (not boiling) water down all the drains.

This should hopefully help to remove scum from the walls of the pipes. For best results this should be carried out regularly, every couple of months.

Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar

baking soda and white vinegar drain cleaner Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar can be poured down the drains as an alternative cleaning solution. They react and help to dissolve residue on your pipes.

Finish off this method by pouring in hot water, as mentioned above.

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