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What are the parts of a barbed drain unclogger?

What are the parts of a barbed drain unclogger?

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labelled barbed drain unclogger

Barbs on a barbed drain unclogger

barbs on drain unclogger to along whole and at tip Barbs are the small hooks which protrude from the length of the tool, pointing towards the handle. They catch unwanted clogs when inserted down the drain. They sometimes run along the whole length of the tool or are reserved to a section at the tip.

Length of a barbed drain unclogger

bendy length of drain unclogger The length forms the majority of the tool. It is thin and bendy, ideal for manoeuvring drains. The length of the whole tool can vary between 60-75 cm (23 5/8″ – 29 1/2″).

Barbed drain unclogger handle

handles for barbed drain uncloggers The handles can vary slightly in shape from model to model, but all have a finger loop to hold and manoeuvre the tool.

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