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What is a gully grab?

What is a gully grab?

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gulley grabber open scoop A gully grab consists of a long pole with a hinged scoop on the end. The scoop can be manipulated at the handle end.
gulley grabber down drain The gully grab is used to reach into external drains and scoop out blockages and obstructions like silt, leaves and stones.
gulley grab being used Anyone can use a gully grab as they are a simple, easy-to-use hand tool.
round and square gulley grabs The scoop can come in slightly varying designs and either a rounded or square shape.

The round version can fit into smaller, round drains more easily, whereas square gully grabs can reach corners in square drains.

It comes down to the old square peg round hole conundrum. Unless your hole is a lot bigger than your peg, that is.
gully stone cleaner grab There are similar tools to the gully grab with similar names. The most common of these are the claw type grabbers, which are also lowered into gullies. The claws may have a better grabbing action but the scoop on a gully grab can hold and remove debris more effectively.

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