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How to use a gully grab?

How to use a gully grab?

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pull up gully grab handle

Step 1- Pull up handle

Pull the handle up to open the scoop

lower gully grab into drain

Step 2- Lower gully grab

Lower the gully grab into the blocked gully, drain, septic tank or manhole, until you feel some resistance.

lower gully grab handle

Step 3- Push down handle

Push down the handle to close the scoop and collect some of the debris.

Step 4- Remove gully grab

Remove the gully grab from the blocked drain, keeping the handle down.

 pull up gully grab handle to deposit silt

Step 5- Release debris

Release the debris into a bucket or onto suitable ground, by pulling up the handle.

clear drain gully

Step 6- Repeat if necessary

Repeat all steps until the blockage is clear.

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