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What are the different types of drain auger?

What are the different types of drain auger?

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Basic drain augers

basic drain auger Basic drain augers come in varying lengths and diameters. Augers with smaller diameters are used on internal drain pipes and larger augers are used to unblock external pipes.
Replacement snake, basic drain auger, drum auger Basic augers are not so much an actual type, but the main part of all the types of auger. They can be purchased as inserts or replacements for some of the other types of auger, such as drum augers or power drum augers.

For more information on basic drain augers, see: What is a drain auger?

Closet augers

closet auger The closet auger is specifically for toilets, the name refers to a water closet (WC), but they are sometimes called toilet augers too.

For more information on closet augers, see What is a closet auger?

Urinal augers

urinal auger A urinal auger is the same as a closet auger, only smaller. It is solely for unblocking urinals.

Drum augers

drum auger A drum auger contains the snake within a drum which is rotated by a handle. There are drum augers of various sizes which are for different applications including, in toilets, sinks, internal and external drain pipes.

For more information on drum augers, see: What is a drum auger?

Power drum augers

power drum auger Power drum augers are the same as drum augers but have a built-in power drill for rotating the snake. They also come in varying sizes for different applications, however power drum augers are generally used for heavy duty tasks as they are a more professional tool.

For more information on power drum augers, see: What is a power drum auger?

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